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Keith Larman
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Re: What is an "advanced technique?"

A statement used by a number of my sensei is that advanced techniques are simplified basics. Of course I'd nod my head "yes" but deep inside I could hear that little voice in my head saying "what?". However, over the years the little homunculus in my head started to understand and whisper "it is just simplified basics...". The way I try to explain it today is that advanced techniques require a sort of *refinement* to the *application* of basics that comes with good training, understanding and experience. So as you wrote, the ability to do it in subtle, small ways that is virtually impossible to counter. So to me it is like the idea of polishing a sword (surprise, surprise...). The level of refinement as you get better at the task extends through out every step of the polish. It isn't that only the final steps matter, it's that every step from the very beginning ripple throughout each following step. Only if *every* part is done perfectly will the final result itself be the best it can be. Togi.

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