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Test Grading, Curriculum, & Frustration

Hello all, I have some questions about test grading and curriculum at the higher levels. I'm coming up on my 2nd Kyu test. As I get closer to black belt a few concerns have presented themselves to me.

We are a young dojo. We are a rural dojo. I am one of the senior members. Their are no black belts(other than Sensei). We are only able to train twice per week...3 hours, give or take, total. We have a couple of younger/newer students as well so not every minute of each class can be spent on our specific testing curriculum. Much of the responsibility to prepare for the tests falls on the senior students like myself. I don't mind that at all. I believe that's part of the students responsibility. However, I've become a bit frustrated with the powers that be about the incredibly vague curriculum. I have a testing guideline and some dvds that were filmed quite a few years ago with the founder of our organization to go off of. Some techniques shown on the dvds seem to longer be a focal point. At least as far as what I can decipher through the test guidelines. Sensei has taken time to sort out some details on what we're looking to achieve through various techniques in the testing, but again nothing from the organization. It feels at times that we're out on an island. I've written a letter to the organization. I have also voiced these concerns to Sensei. He shares much of the same concerns. He's tried speaking with some folks in the upper tier, but little has been done up until this point about clarifying and updating the curriculum. My concern is this... when I test for black belt it will be done in front of the organization's committee. Will I be held responsible for a lack of knowledge about technique variations that were never emphasized? If these things are not communicated to us how are we to know what exactly is expected? Maybe this is completely normal?

Any thoughts would be greatly anticipated.
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