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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

We here in New Zealand have this...

Copied and pasted from website...

"Sadly, within the martial arts community, as in other aspects of our lives there are people who claim qualifications that they do not have or have not earned.

There are also martial arts instructors who commit serious crimes or abuse their students.

In an effort to identify properly qualified and trustworthy martial arts instructors for the benefit of the public and the wider martial arts community the NZMAI was formed.

There are also instances of hard working competent martial artists who have no senior teacher and therefore no path for promotion or have inadvertently gained their grades from an unqualified teacher.

In these cases the NZMAI is there to help by setting up panels of independent but appropriately qualified people to assess individuals so their grades can be recognised and to put these people back on track for further progress in martial arts. We need the help of properly qualified martial artists to achieve this.
What if you are already reputable and recognised as such?

You may consider that because you already belong to a reputable overseas organisation, you do not need the services of the NZMAI. This may be true to some extent. However other New Zealand martial artists may need your help. We are a community of (mostly) like minded people and as such we can support each other in numerous ways.

Once the auditing process is complete you will be in a position to protect your chosen art from those who would bring it into disrepute.

Let us speak with one voice to the public and to government on the issues surrounding ethical and competent teaching in the martial arts"

Food for thought...

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