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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

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Finding the right teacher is definitely a rare and beneficial, and critical, part of your budo.

How is the relationship between Vitold and Aikido Yukon? Do the two schools have joint seminars? I've been training for some time, and am still surprised at how closed off some people can be to training outside their comfort zone. For my personal training, I always like to go outside my comfort zone. Helps with awareness training, humility, patience, and empathy.

Glad you are comfortable with your decision and have a great time training!
Well, I'm not sure, I know Gael has encouraged student who have been interested in checking out Vitolds class to do so. Vitold seems to keep a very tightly knit circle and for the most part keep to them selves. I know that Aikido yukon has a really good relationship with judo club and the ninjutsu club but Vitolds seems to keep his dojo Isolated. I mean, I've seen, members of the Judo club at our dojo and I've trained with members of the Ninjutsu club, but I've yet to see a member of Vitolds dojo drop by.
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