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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

Joel Martel wrote: View Post
Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, your input is greatly appreciated.

I made up my mind and I believe I will stick with AikidoYukon under Gael Marchand, as an instructor I find him excellent, he explains things well as to why techniques are preformed the way they are. I very much enjoy the community he has built and any questions or suggestions I present he addresses. Overall I trust him and believe him to be honest, overall a very good guy with a solid body of knowledge.

The purpose of this thread was not to help me make this decision but more so to help me discover who vitold is. While I think Vitold is a nice guy, their are still some things that remain unclear and make me feel uneasy, I doubt I'll be attending his dojo in the near future. This is not to say that Vitold is a bad instructor but that he is just not the right instructor for me.

Again thank you for your time.

Finding the right teacher is definitely a rare and beneficial, and critical, part of your budo.

How is the relationship between Vitold and Aikido Yukon? Do the two schools have joint seminars? I've been training for some time, and am still surprised at how closed off some people can be to training outside their comfort zone. For my personal training, I always like to go outside my comfort zone. Helps with awareness training, humility, patience, and empathy.

Glad you are comfortable with your decision and have a great time training!

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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