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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

The lineage of the various aikijujitsu styles seems to be ... complex. If someone is going to claim a rank as high as 6th dan, though, I would want to know who awarded the rank, and then I would do a little research. There's nothing wrong with having trained with lots of people, but a high rank should imply a long-term commitment to a single style, and being unwilling to elaborate on that would be a big red flag for me.

The aikido lineage is less complex. I'd be very skeptical of someone who claimed to be teaching aikido but couldn't (or wouldn't) trace his lineage to a direct student of Ueshiba Sensei's. The higher their claimed rank, the more skeptical I would be.

(McDojos claiming to teach aikido do exist. There was one up the road from us until a couple of the senior students stopped by and asked about his lineage. He decided to change his sign...)


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