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Re: Spiritual Principles of Centre.

Very interesting post Graham, I would like to share this with you re the Point within a Circle within the Masonic Lodge that you and some of our other members may find interesting. I suspect you may be able to recognise the teaching that lies within it. This is a small section taken from a piece of ritual, it is public information and freely available.

Q - Name the first point in Freemasonry.

A - Left knee bare and bent.

Q - Why is that called the first point?

A - On my bended knees I was taught to adore my Creator, on my left knee bare and bent I was initiated into Masonry.

Q - There is a chief point?

A - To be happy ourselves, and to communicate happiness to others.

Q - A principal point?

A - A point within a circle.

Q - Define that point.

A - In all regular, well-formed, constituted Lodges, there is a point within a circle round which the Brethren cannot err. This circle is bounded between North. and South by two grand parallel lines, one representing Moses and the other King Solomon. On the upper part of this circle rests the Volume of the Sacred Law, supporting Jacob's ladder, the top of which reaches to the heavens; and were we as conversant in that Holy Book, and as adherent to the doctrines therein contained, as those parallels were, it would bring us to Him who would not deceive us, neither will He suffer deception. In going round this circle, we must necessarily touch on both those parallel lines likewise on the Sacred Volume, and whilst a Mason keeps himself thus circumscribed, he cannot err.
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