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Re: When do you teach your personal style?

I've been training aikido for 14 years, am a relatively new sandan, was formerly an uchideshi in 2005 (so I definitely have some programming trending toward shutting up and doing, and not doing my own thing), and am just now feeling very comfortable teaching. When I teach a thing, I have an agenda of what parts I want the students, or peers, to get out of it...even people senior to me...and I feel very comfortable doing it. This, I think, bleeds off you and the people you are sharing your training with tend to feel comfortable with learning from you when you are comfortable and confident in what you are doing. You can definitely tell the difference when a person is teaching something they know vice practicing their teaching skills.

So my short answer would be "you'll just know it when it feels right." At least thats how it worked for me. But I have to mention the importance of continuity in teaching, particularly kihon waza, and the importance of having a very solid fundamental background. If you want to be a teacher, especially a good one, you need more training than the average 1.5 hour class, two to three times a week. You really need a period of focused, dedicated, training where you've made personal sacrifices in your life toward your budo. Aikido is an art designed for people to "give their life to it," as are much of Japan's arts (pulled that from a sushi documentary, lol). Of course not everyone can do that completely, and some understanding of aikido is better than not training at all...but I still feel its important to get that depth of detailed knowledge, and the physical learning that goes with it.

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