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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

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Yeah, I knew him 25 years ago, then I lost contact with him. Not sure what he is teaching now. If I was you, I would be very prudent, he seems to embrass very particular spiritual approach....
I spoke to him about this, it was a concern of mine. From what I understood, he does not inforce the philosophy found in most Dojos, such as bowing before entering and exiting the mat, as well as bowing to O'sensei. He still expects you to be on time and wait before entering the mat if you are late. He does not preach his own beliefs and philosophies during class, but if you want guidance he is willing to provide that at your request. He was very upfront about this and I respect him for that, its a non issue for me.

All I wanted to know is, is he what he claims to be, if so then can someone verify this or speak for him on his behalf. If the community here knows of him, and can confidently speak for him so I can trace his lineage, then thats good enough for me.
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