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Re: Aikido Shihan Kyoichi Inoue - Learning from the Kojiki

Thanks Professor!

I wonder what's the significance of using kana for the worm. Agreed that the text itself makes clear that the worm is just an example, not itself important.

But my main question is still unresolved, I think only because I am not a Japanese speaker. Regarding the verb 取る toru, used here-- I see from wiktionary that its meanings include capture (as in board games), as well as simply picking things up. Also, to steal and to harvest. So, I think I get the picture (as shamanistic as I was thinking).

But to clarify, is it true that this verb would not be used in these cases:
1. take this posture (use one's self to assume a state)
2. take the job (accept a role)
3. take instruction/direction (receive info)

Whereas it could be used for things like:
4. take it with you (keep in possession)
5. take all your belongings (gather items)

As well as the above mentioned "to harvest, steal, or capture" (although of course there could also be more specific verbs for some examples too).

So this raises another question, what spirit(s) did O-sensei himself take? Those of some things he found on the forest floor? Or, did having the kami Daigensui Myo-o installed in his hara as a youth take care of things right off the bat?
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