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Re: Aikido 3D 2.0 and Donovan Waite

Cameron Tarr wrote: View Post
Are the styles really so different in aikido that one couldn't learn from this product? As a new student of aikido it seems to me that it would be extremely useful as a reference and detailed analysis of the movements (better than any book or video). This program also has many features that dvd's don't offer, like full 360 viewing and slow-mo, for example.

So, I just don't really get the above advice. Unless the styles truly differ, aikido 3d seems immensely useful to me. Kotegaeshi is kotegaeshi, no? I'm not a salesman for aikido 3d by the way hahah. I'm just excited by what it seems to offer.
I practice Yoshinkan. I am an 8th Kyu now but when i was a white belt i went on youtube to start learning on my own. I saw the "big" people in my dojo doing Kihon Dosa kata like synchronized swimmers and i wanted to start doing that myself since this is something i can on my own.

So i started watching this:

It was Yoshinkan after all so what can it harm? I was teaching myself the wrong technique watching that and trying to emulate the video. There were some small differences and the only reason i was not called out on my mistakes was that the Kihon Dosa in our dojo is only required at 5th kyu.

I did not want to pick up stuff from the video and learn it wrong. Not that what they, in the video, do is wrong, it is just wrong in the context of our dojo.

Hiriki no Yosai Ni is done in our dojo without pivoting on the balls of the feet in one spot but rather like turning around in 180 and then taking a step forward while extending the arm forward to re-inforce the square hips.

To a noob like myself these small differences were not immediately noticeable since in the beginning we are overwhelmed with information. But i was teaching myself wrong. I had good intentions though so that did not harm. What harmed me was having to relearn it the proper way. All good now though and i stay away from youtube. I film the "big" people in my dojo with my helmet camera instead when i dont get something.
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