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Re: The Spirit Of Learning

This is a good topic.
When I was young and beautiful I was often annoyed with unwelcomed advises. Particularly from not well trained students – I could see they can’t do it by themselves, but still give advices to others. So I immediately proceeded physically to show them how they can’t walk their talk. It increased much intensity of training(that was good!!) and sometimes outcome was quite unproductive. Took me a time to understand they can’t learn that way to shut up and simply practice more and more. I forgot old saying from Himalaya “you can lead horses to the water but you can’t make them drink”.

Now, when I’m very old and a bit wiser, I simply observe how their advices reflect their level of understanding of aikido. Usually such advices are quite simplistic (note that I didn’t say primitive LOL ) because they are taking in consideration only one particular aspect of interaction.

When high level instructors give advice, usually it is a pointer in certain direction, not solution to particular detailed problem. That happens because they understand that aikido teaching is based on principles and if you apply principles correctly all kind of small details will be executed correctly as par miracle  When I receive such kind of advice, I also can see a level of understanding of such particular instructor and I can appreciate it. Some instructors are not giving any advices – a reason is simple – at certain level of training, you have to simply train more, and discover stuff by yourself, there is no shortcut anymore. Usually when you discover by yourself, your body remember it to the end of your life. The advices, you forgetting it right after the end of the practice…

I personaly don’t need to ask my students what I’m doing wrong – it is enough for me to look at them, they are reflecting my teaching. So I can correct myself any time I want 


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