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Re: Why Aikido has such strange strike defense.

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
As far as I understand, there is shomen uchi and yokomen uchi in daitô ryű allready?
Just to get one thing out of the way, shomenuchi and yokomenuchi in Daito ryu are simulated sword strikes.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Kisshomaru reported that his father studied five years of Gotoha Yagyu Shingan under Nakai Masakatsu, from 1903 until he died in 1908. FWIW.
I think it is fairly well established around here that Ueshiba did Yagyu Shingan ryu once or twice a month for a period of time...five years seems long.

Generally this is minimalized as far as influence on Ueshiba's development, but it is fair to point out that Takeda wandered and taught and it was fairly typical to only visit him once in awhile for a training session.

There are plenty of videos of the Yagyu Shingan ryu that Ueshiba studied, the line exists in Kanagawa prefecture these days and goes by Yagyu Shingan ryu Taijutsu. Their the guys that walk like dinosaurs, windmill their arms around, strike each other from odd angles, and then pick the guy up and drop him on his head. Their weapons seem to involve a lot of study of dynamic tension. Aikijo looks way more like their bo forms than it does any traditional form of jojutsu, my humble opinion....

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