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Re: Why Aikido has such strange strike defense.

As far as I understand, aiki ken was created in Iwama, in the 1940s?
As far as I understand, Ueshiba has not been member of any koryû of even studied any ken jutsu systematicelly until then?
(As far as I experience it, aiki ken is "different" from two schools of ken jutsu, I know. In the sense that it is not that "martial" and not that "technically effective".)
As far as I understand, there is shomen uchi and yokomen uchi in daitô ryû allready?
As far as I understand, Takeda integrated his swordwork with the tai jutsu, he had learned?

So as far as I understand neither Takeda nor Ueshiba derived their tai jutsu from their practice of ken (jutsu)?
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