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Re: Why Aikido has such strange strike defense.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
... this stylized attack is often done to create time and space in which our partner can perform kata. ...
This. Otherwise concur with the overall critique.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I think we can be more precise when critiquing our attacking and give our partners more concrete ability to correct their instruction. ... we could be more critical in our stylized attacking to improve our ability to function.
{OR} ninja kill you.
.... "wiiiiiiith .... a herring ... (nothing like mixing cultural references -- to confuse the ninjas ... or is it the Knights who say NI-(nja) ... I am sure it is in the Kojiki somewhere, everything else is ...

More seriously, I make new students who are having problems practice hitting me in the chest and correct them until it is uncomfortable -- for me. It emphasizes that correct and effective attack is expected -- and also manageable .

I also make them understand that when their partner is responding poorly to the attack, they are also expected respond appropriately to THAT -- not to change distance, or alter trajectory -- but just slow down more and more the closer they get without proper response -- and -- if it comes to that -- then push through the skull or body --glacially --- but never, ever stop, redirect or pause the attack. Distance and trajectory are two critical elements that cannot be altered -- in my view. Another is correct dynamic structure -- but that is a much longer and larger conversation...


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