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Re: Aikido 3D 2.0 and Donovan Waite

I've been doing aikido for 13 years. Over that time I have trained consistently in 4 different styles and I've been to occasional seminars in other styles. I also just learned a new way to do kotegaeshi on Monday. So the answer to your question is yes, they differ, and no, kotegaeshi is not just kotegaeshi. I'm not sure about the aikido that you study, and I'm not sure about the computer program, but it seems to me that 90% of what real aikido is cannot be adequately conveyed using a program like that. All you can really learn from it is form. This is why you want it to be the same form as the person who will be teaching you all the other important stuff. If it's not, you will just get confused. This is why you are getting all of these answers. Anyway, nobody is going to tell you that Donovan Waite is not good. He is very good. However, we are all concerned that you are spending money on a product that may or may not be beneficial for your training at this stage.
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