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Re: Aikido 3D 2.0 and Donovan Waite

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Many views but no response. I'll take that as a sign that Sensei Waite is a good example to follow. Also, I imagine it would be hard to stick your neck out and say otherwise against a 7th dan instructor on an Aikido forum. I meant no offence, just wanted to hear some criticisms that any might have and why (e.g. his Aikido lineage etc.)
I don't practice the same style that Donovan, but I think he is one of the most talented aikido instructors in North America. I have great pleasure to practice in his seminars every time I can, his aikido is precise, technically excellent, flexible and of course very powerful.

I'm not sure what is your goal when buying dvdů.If you want to practice his style, you should follow his seminars, receive techniques from him, or practice in his dojo. This dvd stuff is useless IMO if you don't have firsthand experience what he is doing on the tatami.

Otherwise buy dvd of your instructor LOL


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