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Re: When do you teach your personal style?

Kenneth Hannah wrote: View Post
As a Shodan and junior instructor at my school, I find that when teaching the basics I have learned from my sensei, that is the best way for me. I am of average height and often find that I do not have to make adjustments on certain techniques, more so when the uke is substancially taller. I suppose that I impart my "personal style" when teaching but, I really do not pay that much attention to that. Now in the case of multiple attack Randori, all bets are off and I go on what I have learned over the years. I myself have an extreme amount more to learn and believe we are how we are taught. We should be a reflection of our teachers in some manner.
I usually recommend sticking with what you know. Remember, your "adjustments" at this point could just as easily be attributed to competency as uke... As a junior instructor, you should probably be sticking more closely to your school's curriculum and less your personal style. Unless your personal style is better than the curriculum - then you need to have a talk with your instructor...

As an example, when our students test for shodan, they will do so in front of regional senior instructors who are more interested in seeing the student demonstrate a "style" most similar to their instruction. Any deviations from that and I am on the hook to explain why I deviated from their instruction. That is not an appealing thought. I

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