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Eva Antonia
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Re: What does being an Uke mean to you?

Dear all,

to me, being uke mainly means a big challenge. I am not sensitive, I have zero intuition, I do NOT feel what tori intends to do and in which direction he tries to direct or unbalance me (once I'm unbalanced, I fall, but I don't see it come), and my only instinct is resistance and counter technique. Surprises always come as surprise and catch me unawares. So for me being uke is the most challenging peace of learning.

Knowing about this handicap, I always fear that having me as uke is not exactly a learning opportunity for tori, and sometimes I am sorry about people having to train with me. As tori, I think I'm up to my level, but as uke...sorely behind.

Strangely enough, although I'm bad at it, I love being uke, and I enjoy all sort of ukemi.

All the best,

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