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Re: The Budo Teacher - Student Relationship

Well my relationship with my teacher looks very much like that of Kwai Chang Caine with master Po, or even more, like the one of Daniel-san with Mr. Miyagi. It's not the typical relationship that I usually see where you go to your lesson, teacher corrects you and that's it. We do dojo projects together and also go out for a coffee, watch Formula 1 races and help each other any way we can in all aspects of life.
But here I have to make something clear. My sensei is my sensei whether we are on the mat or off the mat, you cannot have a purely friendly relationship as it would be between two other people, and I respect him as such, we are not equal. Still, he is one of my closest people and we consider each other family.
As for the OP blog text, I liked it very much, thanks for sharing. I don't think that we should always prove anything we say on aikiweb, I consider everything I read as sincere experiences or opinions of each poster, because any otherwise behaviour would be childish and stupid, so I don't consider anyone a liar. I enjoy reading your texts whether I agree or disagree with each one of their context.
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