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Re: Aikido spear- Aikiso

Richard Campbell wrote: View Post
Nice display. Have a look here

This is a traditional spear art my ancestors (Maori) used to fight the enemy and is still taught today. The name of the weapon is called a Tiaha and they vary in length. One end is shaped as a club while the other end has a point for spearing. The feathers at the pointed end are for visual distraction while you get whacked with the club end.
Thank you too . I have seen a bit before ( travelled NZ yeeeeaaaars ago ).

One time this Maori guy saw us training kobudo in the park here (with Eku ) he really took a second take at it .... also the Samoan guy that lives near by (he has the full leg tattoos happening ) was checking us out.

Indigenous Martial Arts - love it ! There are some here but most are secret and initiated mens knowledge ... however , relatively recently Careeda has become public. Good stuff, good for culture and the young fellas


Keep up the good work, great stuff !
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