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What does being an Uke mean to you?

I try to help tori as much as i can, as Uke, so they get better. I have noticed that i tend to give my time to people so they can practice their techniques on me so they may advance and get better. This is not at the cost of me and my time, mind you.

I just like aikido whether it is as uke or tori. If i can help somebody with some extra time to practice their technique i am ok with that. Since i am a white belt i still feel like i am getting the better deal even if i let them practice their tori techniques on me. My practice does not suffer as a result of my actions. I am fortunate to be able to warm up properly on my bicycle and to come home afterwards and stretch properly for at least 30 minutes a day. That is when i am able to start my own aikido studies at home. I feel lucky that i do not have commitments that others have taken up. Kids, school, demanding work schedules.

Are we not meant to help our partners? I give constructive input when i feel that my tori did not handle me like my sensei did when i was used as an example. I make my tori do it over till it feels similar to way it felt like when i was uke'ing for sensei..

Tonight, i think, i helped one of our redbelts who does not have tons of time for aikido remember a technique better by having sensei come over and explain to him what was different about the way he did it to me and the way sensei did it to me.

I did not have to go out of my way to call sensei over to explain what was missing. I told sensei, while lying on my stomach, that the "snapping back of the arm" was missing in his technique so he showed it to my tori. After that this was present in his technique. Learning, at the time, felt to me like it was a collaborative effort and it made me feel good to be on the end of a successful technique that we came up with as a unit.

What other ways can i help tori as an Uke? Aikido is, after all, a collaborative effort.

I am grading this weekend for 8th Kyu so i wont be white for much longer provided i pass and don't choke
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