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whilst there is a lot of mumbo jumbo and people thinking they can harness all kinds of super powers dont discount anything because we can or cant understand it.
Damien, there have been huge threads and debates on E-budo and smaller ones here regarding "Empty Force" and "Combat Ki". This is a whole separate debate and thread. The problem for this poster, it seems to me, is that he is uncomfortable in his present environment because his sensei is studying and encouraging his students to study this "empty force" stuff.

After being a member of the organization that professes to do "combat ki". I can assure your there a lot more hullabaloo an mumbo jumbo going on than real and legitemate phenomena. Another word for it is "palor trick". It has an explanation, and there is something real that is going on. Just not what they are leading you to believe.

I know people would like to believe in the unexplainable. And I accept that there are unexplainable phenomena in the world, but Combat Ki and Empty Force, are not one of them.

The "secret" behind these things is that there really is no "secret". It is a way of conning people out of their money by feeding into their need or desire to believe in the unexplainable.

Yes, I have strong opinions about this. I was duped myself and don't like seeing others being duped.

Anne Marie Giri
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