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Re: trying to find info on aiki shrine festival, iwama 2014

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Hello Stephen,

nice to see someone doing aikido in Penrith. I'm a Carlisle lad myself, currently in a decent position to help you.

I've never seen a formal schedule for the day. If you get there before 10am you probably won't miss anything. The Wikipedia description is pretty accurate:

It's a small dojo with lots of guests so even the uchi deshi will probably only being going inside as staff to clean and serve. Most visiting dojos take part in a system of shokken (meal tickets) so they have lunch boxes and sake prepared for them on the day but that is about as exclusive as it gets. I think it will be too busy and inconvenient to get a tour of the dojo during the festival, but if you hung around later after the cleanup you might stand a chance. That or come again another day, come for the regular training or see about becoming an uchi deshi.

Feel free to contact me by personal message for more info

Thanks for that. Seems I wont be able to see inside then. I dont expect s guided tour. Just to actually see in there....aftrr sll the old photos and videos ive seen from inside it would have been good to see. Not sure whether to go or not. We only have 11 nights in total so time is precious....
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