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Re: Hilo, HI - March 9th 2014: Basic Principles of Aiki and Internal Power

This was another wonderful seminar in Hilo! Thank you to the Seishikan Aikido group for setting this seminar up also! Chris and Mert built upon the previous seminars methodology and were able to introduce more of the advanced concepts such as spiraling. In my own training, I am finding a more clear definition of the pathway to creating the connected body. In the paired work, we were given tips and concise directions on the refinement of the exercises to move in a correct manner. We had several newer people that were able to get more of a hands on training due to the small group of enthusiastic trainees in attendance. Chris and Mert have been refining their ideas and it really shows in the abilities of the people attending. We were all pretty beat at the end of the day but the long term goal of creating the Aiki body is more clear in the Hilo IP community. We are looking forward to Dan's seminar and anytime Chris and Mert would like to come to Hilo to teach! Thank you guys!

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