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Re: What would you say to a new student?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Hello Amos,

I think that's an area I want to stay away from. Although I recognize that new students frequently want (and ask for) some reference that will help them with the techniques they're learning, I think that videos are more likely to confuse than enlighten. It's Sensei's job to teach technique, and class is where we learn it.
I agree. The curious can and will find this on their own. What they can only find out from the dojo they are joining is the specific nuts-and-bolts of things that really DO vary from place to place like
is there a way we line up and bow in?
is it ok if I show up late because something happened?
is it ok if I show up 15 minutes late every Thursday because of a work commitment?
if I show up late, how do I bow in?
is testing done on a set calendar schedule or "as needed"?
is there anything other than demonstrating techniques that is expected when testing for rank? If so, what?
how is a dojo not a health club or gym? is there something I should be doing?

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