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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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Thanks for the correction. Yes, Mike was the biter and Holyfield the victim. Either way, they're both bigger, stronger and tougher than any of us will ever be, yet a simple bite to the ear (not even a vital organ) stopped him in his tracks. Just imagine it was his nose. If you hit ANY creature in the nose properly, you will DROP them instantly. With regards to your statement that "BJJ is the most martial (potentially lethal), martial art I have ever experienced" clearly indicates you're new to martial arts and haven't experienced very much. Even the (not so) mighty Gracies will be the first to tell you that their techniques are for sport first, self-defense second and were never intended to be "potentially lethal". While the BJJ self-defense techniques are very effective, they are also heavily modified for street applications where "going to the ground" with your opponent(s) is never advisable. Oh, and BJJ players get caught in full mount all day every day. After all, why do you think they teach techniques for getting out of mount, unless you've been put in it to begin with? There's also a reason why eye gauging is ban in ALL fight sports, save Vale Tudo (I think)? Because it works incredibly well, that's why. You can debate weather it's "noble" or not, but if someone is truly attacking me and/or my loved ones, I could care less. They'll be lucky to be alive after I'm done with them. .
Clearly, you know very little about BJJ. Your statement about the Gracies "being the first to tell you that their techniques are for sport" is ridiculous and ignorant. The Gracies held Vale Tudo matches to prove the effectiveness of the art in real self defense situations; eye gouging and all. Oh, and sure some BJJ players aren't as good as others, but unlike other martial arts there is no way to fool others about your abilities. As Kevin says, the mats don't lie.

As for your "BJJ players get caught in mount," well yeah, against other BJJ players. Obviously we train getting out of mount in BJJ and also how to get into mount and maintain it. What was your point?

PS-- Every choke in jiu jitsu is potentially lethal. Ridiculous to say otherwise.
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