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Re: Always Moving Forward...

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and, as you can see, I have trouble typing I have something called left side neglect which means I just non''''''''t notice things in my left field of visionI see OKbut don't noti ce weird,s oI'm still struggling to come backhand it's very slow and i get impatient and very discouraged-even though people don't like me to say that,but it's true
Left neglect is one of the really insidious aftereffects of a stroke...can interfere with everything from "sense of self" to finding what you are looking for....
AND as I always point out to my patients, your impatience and discouragement is not necessarily all a psychological or attitude issue even though your family and friends may act like it is. Part of having your brain damaged by a stroke is that the cells and neurotransmitters that process things like information filtering, impulse control or emotions can be damaged too. People can get all kinds of emotional or "attitude" stuff going on after a stroke that has a real physical basis.
Be kind and patient with yourself...and don't let anybody tell you there is a magic number of months or years after which you cannot make progress.
The problem is the insurance industry loves the idea that when you hit a plateau you will stay there forever. (hey, we KNOW in aikido that plateaus are where the learning really takes place!) They have been proved wrong to the extent that Medicare cannot get away with certain limits on PT anymore....if the insurance won't cover and your family are going to have to create your personal rehab program.

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