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Re: Always Moving Forward...

I'm not AJ, but I'm one of her co-editors on the Mirror column and a longtime RN as well as somewhat disabled aikidoka...I will forward stuff to AJ as her internet access is very limited.
Stephen, good to see you here on this forum - getting PT one way or another ("by any means necessary" as some of us used to say...) is critical....I wonder if getting on the mat just to do some seated and cross body work might not be a help?
Emily, different aikido dojos are more or less open to having beginners with disabilities train, so there is no hard and fast rule, just a matter of the individual instructor and the culture in the dojo. Aikido offers solo movement and partnered exercises that enhance flexibility, balance and cross-body coordination. Do not expect to just jump in and train the way the young or fit do...but aikido has the potential to help you improve, IME....
For inspiration I always recommend checking out Molly Sacco Hale, a wheelchair aikiodoka...not a stroke, but a reminder of possibilities....

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