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Frankly, I doubt any of the shihan with whom I have trained would take such words as compliments should I attribute them to their aikido
I'm not sure what a shihan is, but I've certainly heard the word 'lazy' used for AiKiDo and with positive connotations in both Seidokan and ASU seminars. In Seidokan, many of the top instructors regularly talked about being 'too lazy' to do techniques wrong. "Why should I put in so much effort? I'm lazy!" Was something that I heard again and again. In ASU, it's much less common, but I'd swear that I heard either Gleason or Choate saying the same sort of thing.

I mean, it's partly tongue-in-cheeck, but that doesn't make it any less of an interesting perspective on what your goals are supposed to be.

Yours in Aiki
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