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Re: Always Moving Forward...

Thanks for the wonderful post. I just found it while
searching for information on practicing aikido
after a stroke.
My name is Emily and I had a vertebral artery dissection
that resulted in a stroke in August 2012. I was a
river guide at the time, very strong and fit and did not
suffer any trauma that caused the dissection.
It just happened one beautiful day about thirty minutes
before I went on the water.
My recovery has been long, but thankfully I am
largely unaffected physically. I do have some
balance issues, as my stroke affected my cerebellum
I have always wanted to study aikido. Most of the time I
have lived in remote areas without access to a teacher or
I now live in a city with options, yet I am unsure if my
new physical level will be sufficient to participate in a
I wonder specifically about the flexibility, balance and reflexive
movements necessary to the art of aikido.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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