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Re: What would you say to a new student?

Mary, that sounds like a good array of thoughts. I haven't found the frustration conversation to be all that intimidating, but again, it is based on conversation and not the written word. Essentially what we tell them is that all this new and different and foreign stuff will soon become second nature.

Where I see it first is in the aiki taiso exercises we do at the start of every class. We slow them down if we have new students on the mat, but they seem to always be a little confused the first few times and then they pick up on it and it starts to click. I remember trying to do happo undo (eight direction exercise) the first few times and feeling pretty silly and I see that today with new students. We try to emphasize that they WILL get it and not to get discouraged.

I think in writing though, it would be wiser to gloss over the subject.

Good luck with your project!

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