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Cady Goldfield
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Re: What would you say to a new student?

Yeah. That sounds like it would work very well - just a small mention in the Welcome, then go more in depth in the section about training. The whole thing about "Welcome" is just that - welcoming a new student, not heaping too much info too soon on someone who's just coming in the door.

You know how when a person buys a big-ticket item like a new car, they constantly validate their decision for weeks after? It's part of the ritual of having made a Big Decision, and the person wants to remind themselves they did the right thing. Along with enjoying the new-car smell. The "welcome" section of a student manual/brochure is kind of like that. Letting them feel good about their decision, knowing they're welcome and not to worry... and giving them a chance to enjoy the new-keiko-gi smell for a little bit before getting into the heavy stuff.
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