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Talking Re: Steven Segal, Aikido and Muay Thai.

At one point in time he was totally devoted to Aikido. I think that's clear. He was given an opportunity to take a different path and he took it. I think the path that he chose has led him somewhere completely different than where Aikido would have led him had that been his primary focus. Maybe he would have been more respected within the Aikido community had he led the life of a teacher and remained in obscurity. Maybe the Aikido path would have led to a less controversial place...Maybe not... Who knows? I personally don't feel like Segal needs permission from anyone to do whatever it is that he desires to do with his life. He was able to reach a very high level of Aikido in his prime. I enjoy watching the old footage of him teaching. He has/had clean, beautiful, and powerful technique. The fact that he still provokes such passionate reactions within the Martial Arts community shows his relevance. Good, bad, or indifferent, it gives something for everyone to debate.
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