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Re: Steven Segal, Aikido and Muay Thai.

Mike Braxton wrote: View Post
Back when he started teaching, this statement was true. Obviously it doesn't hold anymore with you and Mr. Goldberg along with others teaching now.
That of course is what I meant - it sounded in the interview that he was referring to ever. In any case I think you mean Peter Goldsbury.

I think it is safe to say that SS was the first foreigner to operate an independent aikido dojo but it becomes less clear when you talk about teaching classes both within and outside aikido in the martial arts world. I actually know quite well another foreigner who co-founded and ran an aikido dojo about the same time but am a little uncertain who was first and am willing to give that kudo to SS. Certainly he was among a very small sub-set of gaiin who had both the opportunity and balls to make that step. It was, I am sure, much easier for those who came afterwards.

There is certainly a lot about SS that leaves a sour taste in my mouth but in the day his aikido was recognized as being quite good (Abe) albeit adapted for a big man. Aren't we all supposed to adapt what we learn to out our own body types. I have no problem with his picking up non-standard Aikido techniques along the way.

His definition of MMA is a little off in my opinion. I think it goes beyond trying different arts.

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