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Steven Segal, Aikido and Muay Thai.

In "Blitz" magazine which is a popular martial arts magazine in Australia, they do an article with Steven Segal, naturally the subject of MMA comes up after his training of MMA fighters, I thought this was an interesting statement from him as I think that many times people focus on Segal as an Aikidoka when in fact he is dan graded in other Martial Arts. Its also interesting to get an insight to what else he has trained in and what his influences are, I will try and find a weblink so you can read the article in full. - Edited - here is the link -

Blitz - "After Anderson knocked out Victor Belfort, he said the front kick he used to win the fight was taught to him by you. This really reintroduced you to MMA fans. However, there were also a lot of people questioning the validity of that. They wondered how an Aikido Instructor could teach a Muay Thai guy a front"?

Segal - Anyone who says that does not know anything about my life. First of all, I started out in karate many years before I started doing aikido. I've been around the world studying from kung fu masters, Muay Thai masters, tai chi masters... I've been doing Mixed Martial Arts for 40 years! So whoever says that really doesn't know anything about me.

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