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trying to find info on aiki shrine festival, iwama 2014


I am going to be in japan on the 29th april and plan to travel from tokyo to the shrine festival. What I cant find is info on this years event, start times etc and how proceedings are due to unfold. Ive looked at depth at anything related including reports on various annual events but am still in the dark as to exactly how the day is ran etc.

Ive practiced aikido for a little while, currently sidelined due to injury but going to japan will be a dream realised. Ive been obsessed with japan for years and having the chance to witness an event of such significance isnt one I want to miss.

Id really like to see inside the famous dojo, does anybody know if that would be possible or will that be off all limits for bystanders on the day? What would joe bloggs have acess to, I gather the picnic style affair after the ceremony and demos is strictly for members/students of the tokyo hombu dojo etc which is fine...I dont expect to be sitting with anybody else, I just feel it would be a shame to go all that way having not had the opportunity to see inside the famous dojo.

Any info or advice on the event would be much appreciated.
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