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Ai symbol Aikido in Israel?

Greetings all,

I have some questions on Aikido in Israel and am hoping some of those Aikidoka who are in Israel or know of Aikido in Israel may be able to assist.

First off I noticed that the Aikikai is well represented in Israel with several Aikikai dojos listed as well as an Independant dojo, can you tell me what other branches of Aikido are represented there?

Secondly I wondered if Aikido has any relationship with Krav Maga in Israel in terms of mixed training or Krav students taking Aikido training to improve their Krav? I know that the founder of Krav used Aikido training as a part of his grouping of techniques to from Krav Maga and that the first two Black Belts in Krav Maga in Israel were Israeli Aikidoka. Hence I wondered if the relationship may have continued in some way?

Thirdly I did wonder how Aikido is embraced by the Jewish community in general? Do Orthodox people do Aikido or Martial Arts and if so do they train in their own groups or with others? Do students wear the kippah in training and is there training held on the Sabbath or is that not done because of the fact that it is the Sabbath? I have been pondering a lot lately about how Judaism has a strong focus on personal holiness and I wondered how Jewish people view the teachings of O'Sensei with his rejection of violence and his belief in world peace and universal harmony and if there is a connection there between some of those ideals in Judaism and Aikido?

Lastly I noticed that there is an Aikido tranining centre is Haifa which I believe is where the world headquarters of the Bahai movement is located and it caused me to wonder if in that area there may be an interest from the Bahai group in Aikido?

I guess that is a lot of thoughts, but its good to put it down and thanks for taking your time to have a look!
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