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Re: Blind Aikidoka

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
Aikido needs incredible hand eye coordination whereas judo basically requires getting a good grip.
Never thought of aikido needing incredible eye hand coordination. I can see where defence against strikes need timing to enter, but if somebody is grabbed I would think its by feel from then. Do you think you could apply nikyo with your eyes closed from katatedori?

Ever trained blind folded to grabs? It's an interesting exercise. Basically unless you're up against a five armed 3 headed beast from alpha centauri, its pretty much the same once your grabbed: the head is at the other end of the arm, the hips are below that and the feet below that again. Follow the arm up and you have got everything to play with.

But the question of what is "best for self defence" is a bigger one than can you do the art. I need to ponder that one more.
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