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Re: Finding Aiki - and Aikido - in Hawaii

Nothing that I've experienced over here compares to this, it all seems so... empty.
Yeah I know how you feel. The funny thing is that in my training I have always been searching for this ..even though I did not know I was. Once I found "it" I knew that's it!!! That's the thing I have looking for! As for training "straight" Aikido, its now like eating bland food ...with no spice or seasonings in it...goodbye salt.....adios paprika.....

I remember one pivotal event in my training that stuck in my head. At a training session I was told I was using too much muscle and to relax. I realized I could not move how he wanted. I then asked "How do I do that?" After a blank stare for a bit he stated "Just train more." Thanks for the advice.....

How many of us got this answer?
How many of us have been banging our heads against the wall trying to achieve this 'relaxed power'? How many years in the traditional route would it have taken?
10 years?
15 years ? .
30 years?
If so how much relaxed power would you have?
a little?
a medium amount?


Nothing is guaranteed in training .....except hitting the mat.

The "secret" is now in the open. With hard work and dedication this relaxed power is available to us now...give or take a couple of years.....

One little candle can light 10,000 candles- Koichi Tohei Sensei
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