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Krista DeCoste
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Re: Aikido and pregnancy

Thank you so much for this! I am 41 years old and in my first trimester and have been too exhausted to even think about going to class. I suspected I might be pregnant almost right away because of my intense exhaustion. The thing is, I was training for my Ikkyu and feeling some pressure to at least try to slow my practice down and not take breakfalls, however, knowing how people can forget that for whatever reason, injury or pregnancy, they have to be more careful with you is a reminder that you can't always control what happens on the mat. I too have witnessed the occasional accident where there was lots of space on the mat yet people still collided. I am trusting my instincts on this and am not going on the mat, there is just too much to risk.

The typical suggestion to talk to your Doctor is ok, but most people don't know much if anything about Aikido so it does come back to your own instincts. The article on exercise in pregnancy was helpful because it lends support for my more protective reaction.

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