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Re: Selfish people in the dojo

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I like aikido but the atmosphere in my dojo is really getting on my nerves. Is it possible for a dojo like this to change? Has it ever happened? It's been at least 3 years this way, so maybe I should give up and find another hobby?
I'm going to go in a different direction on this one. If you just hang in there and keep doing what you're doing, those people who are newbies now will be awesome training partners and they will all remember how much you helped them. It's a bond they won't have with the ones that ignored them back in the day.

Keep being the awesome dude that helps out generously. You're setting a great example. When class is over, grab a black belt and go hard for 15 minutes to get your "fix". You're not wasting your training time, you just have to take a longer view.

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