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Re: Identification of Aikido forms in other martial art system?

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In terms of the first grading they are looking for the first two forms, I gather that there are 20+ forms in Aikido, so this is grabs to the right hand and left hand if that makes any sense? The grabs are then repelled with Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo, Yonkyo, Techinage, Shionage, Kaitenage, Iriminage and Kotegashi (spelling is mine from memory) Gokyo is demonstrated but not taught at this level.
It sounds like your style of aikido (or maybe association or your dojo) is formalizing sequences of attacks and techniques in a way that other styles don't -- they're all a little different, and insofar as a style or association considers an attack-defense to be a kata or form, I'm sure they all use different numbers for them. That's a long-winded way of saying that we don't really know what you mean by "first two forms". I train at a Birankai dojo, and Birankai uses a combination of the attack name (katatedori aihanmi, katatedori gyakuhanmi, ryotedori, etc.) and the waza name (ikkyo, nikkyo, whatever). Thus, "katatedori aihanmi ikkyo" would be how a test criterion would be specified for us -- there aren't any numbers. Each association has its own criteria for testing, so it's not just the terminology that is different, it's the stuff the terminology refers to as well.
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