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Re: July 2nd - 6th - Saotome Sensei and Ikeda Sensei in DC

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
as far as i know, there isn't. last year i was practicing with a yoshinkan guy at the camp. i believed he was from yoshinkan, because he went into that yoshinkan posse and kept wanting to get back to the starting spot after he was thrown. this event is a good spot where you can meet most of the top tier folks from ASU, instead of going to dozen of seminars to meet them, that is if you can find them. you also run into some questionable characters, like this Ledyard guy, who puts disturbing ideas into your head and makes you questioning your aikido practices.
Thanks Phi, I'm hoping I can make it for at least a day or two, "Wife leave passes" are running low for seminars at the moment As you say, there are some very interesting people in ASU that I'd really like to experience, this "Ledyard guy" definitely being one of them, and this is my best opportunity before I go back to Australia later this year, though I do have one seminar with William Gleason penciled in. Oh and Its OK, I'm at that formative stage of aikido where I question my practice daily

So this year if you see a strange Australian doing funny aikido (not yoshinkan ) and looking lost at the seminar, say hi, its probably me.

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