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Re: Identification of Aikido forms in other martial art system?

Ben White wrote: View Post
Greetings all, I have come across this short video and at 0.31 through to 0.44 she does three knife disarms, this looks like Aikido to me but due to my limited knowledge of forms past the first and second in Aikido I can not place it and am wondering if anyone in here may recognize what it is?

The other question that I have is that at 1:21 a chap produces a pistol and she is able to disarm the pistol from the chap using her marital arts training, do you know if this kind of training against guns is included the Aikido curriculum? I know that we do knife attacks, but am not sure about firearms defenses?
I am curious about what you mean by the first and second forms of aikido. Ikkyo, ikkajo, nikkyo, nikkajo? All can refer to different things between aikido and other Japanese aiki styles. Can you describe these forms and maybe tell us about your experience with aikido? Style and length of time training?

On one level, weapon disarms are just weapon disarms. Why is a fake knife any different than a fake gun, but what are the similarities and differences in dealing with (real) knife vs (real) gun vs naginata vs a jab vs a kick? What I am getting at is that aikido might not be a collection of techniques but a toolbox of concepts. Like Millsy said, ma-ai and irimi are good things to think about. Much better in my opinion than thinking about how to do kotegaeshi, or "the first technique".
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