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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier - Belgium 2013

Thanks for putting this video online! I watched it and had the pleasure to see that there were lots of people I know from other seminars, even a girl from my dojo...

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to go to the one week summer camps Tissier holds in Belgium, but judging from what I know of his "normal" 2 day seminars, the video gives a very good summary of his way of teaching. Seminars are always very dynamic, and still there is a lot of time allocated to explanation. For some people that may be boring, but many need detailed explanation to understand a technique or to comprehend the errors they make and how they can avoid them, and I'm one of those.

I don't really think it is a "hard" style what he teaches; the projections always allow uke to do a safe fall. There is a lot of emphasis on proper ukemi, and I'd rather qualify the approach as "precise and efficient". For example the irimi nage breakfall is, once you get the knack how to do it, safer for your head & neck than the backwards fall- slapping variant. The way your head/ neck are locked during the projection keeps you from falling on your head. It LOOKS spectacular (and it FEELS spectacular, there is a moment when you have the impression that you are suspended in the air, and you can observe your legs turning over and then falling...), but I think it is pretty harmless if well done. And then Tissier knows his ukes, he wouldn't force the irimi nage breakfall upon someone whose capacity he doesn't know.

Here in Belgium also virtually everyone knows Tissier and follows his style, and people are willing to travel to the remotest areas and get up at 06.00 on Sunday mornings for a Tissier seminar.

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