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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier - Belgium 2013

Here in France and especially Paris Christian Tissier is the most (in)famous Aikido figure. Literally every serious Aikidoka practitioner in France knows him. Which kinda makes sense because his waza has recently become the standard waza for the FFAAA. My Sensei teaches the techniques exactly as he does during his demonstrations, and the national black belt exam exhibits a strong degree of standardization in techniques which is very congruent with Tissier's style.

A few yudanshans I know don't like his public aspects, others credit him with advancing Aikido in France and in Europe. He is called by many nickname "the Aikido prince" "the big man" etc (rough translation) and apparently enjoys a large degree of freedom in exercising his Aikido. Whatever the case there is no dispute that his Aikido is very precise and smooth. But make no mistake, he is considered a "hard" style here in France. Breakfalls and hard falls techniques are instrumental, while a lot of style eschew those (my Sensei does not teach breakfall). His Iriminage for example requires a breakfall, which is pretty brutal compared to a lot of the styles I've seen in Paris.
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