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Aikido program to help combat veterans struggling with PTSD

Posted 2014-02-24 15:18:12 by Frances Welson
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Keganin No Senshi Aikido (KNSA), a national program for veterans developed by a Viet Nam veteran, is based on the art of Aikido as taught by KNSA founder, sensei and veteran, Thomas Osborn.

We are working to raise much-needed funds to start and support a nationwide program of autonomous, local groups capable of utilizing Aikido - the healing art of peace - to help combat veterans struggling with PTSD. Tom is continuing to teach on the PTSD ward at our local VA facility and we are talking with a number of people across the country who are interested in starting programs in their local areas. You can subscribe to our newsletter and view our Indiegogo campaign by clicking here and find more information about the program and the book at our website.

Please contact us at

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