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Re: dolphin slaughter in Taiji/ strengthening nationalism

I honestly wouldn't have too much of a personal problem if there were a dozen or so whales killed each year, strictly for food and other resources; the Japanese have as much a right to claim 'historical' whaling as the Inuit or the Scandinavians. I personally dislike the industrialized killing based on bogus "science," and then the sort of selling-meat-to-the-powerful-and-wealthy thing. But whales eat lower on the food chain than dolphins do, so their meat isn't as dangerous for human consumption.

I dislike, as Hugh implied, the unreasonableness of the excuses being made: that the whale kill is 'scientific,' that the dolphin kill is 'traditional.' I guess I'd feel a tiny bit better about either if the heads of state would admit that both are problematic for various reasons; even if very little changed, I'd feel like they were at least considering multiple aspects of the issues: for example, a warning against pregnant women consuming the dolphin meat, and a more humane way of slaughter (in line with the human slaughter rules that Japan already has for other species, for example).

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