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Re: Popkin and Brogna at Aikido of Livermore in Feb

You know, after my long-ago fourth kyu test, when asked how I felt my aikido was my reply (which has sort of gone viral over the years) was to quip "my aikido still sucks, but it sucks at a higher level." As I delve into building the aiki into my body and waza, I feel now that..."my aikido sucks, but it sucks at a deeper level" :-) In all seriousness, the last time I trained with Popkin Sensei I set myself one or two things to work on and felt happy this weekend that I'd really made progress I could feel on one of them and during the course of this seminar got the additional instruction and practice to make progress on the second, while setting myself another "job" for next time... :-)
Oh....and Calif folks....Howard Sensei returns to NorCal, in late July, to Aikido of Diablo Valley!

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